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Long Shadow is with the foot immediately surfaced between the Dragons rang." Qin Feng and Liu Xiong complexion, are at this time of upheaval and shoved up their incredible dust, animal husbandry, the whole body that looked majestic spiritual power. He was very clear attraction Ganoderma lucidum. Dust, animal husbandry feet heavy landing, emergency slide body back, fiercely gripping his palms into the ground, the hard stone that are torn, and then his hands to draw a deep mark on the meter on that ground Rear. Los glass did not answer him, but the hand holding the sword Luo, slowly raised.but there are people in the news spread, said animal husbandry dust that teams get a wooden shrine temple posts, and that wood Shrine inside, it seems to have a complete ancient heritage, so now the team has a lot at them to go. "It's okay, as long as the use of spiritual power of these guys, in my eyes is waste wood.

And it is by means of this, the other party will be cast out at this time, "Yu Lei surgery. While at the same time, in that five other direction, the House League, the Holy Spirit hospital, blood all day, the direction where they Angela Wu, universal spiritual homes, also has a group of five emerging dynasty, the last six beam Jishe out, shoot In the top of the mountain around the huge wooden ancient spiritual matrix. cheap nba jerseys nike " Luo glass helplessly shook his head, looked reproachful dust, animal husbandry, one, said:"Anyway, you pay attention to the point, it does not seem to let go of Wu Yingying, such a thing is to provoke your own, I can not help you. cheap nba jerseys wholesale Can mention the slightest impression, so he may not be willing to Tibetan spiritual homes this and other treasures, give them. And when the dust, animal husbandry, as when they Wenqing Xuan into the town, immediately felt that clamor is weakened a lot, and that numerous road gaze cast come round after round eyes All are amazing, curious and coveted Of course The eyes, mostly because Luo Wen Qingxuan and glass. "Even if the hidden strength, he can not be the spirit of this monastery opponents.

Wenqing Xuan hand clenched on white skin, with tiny blue veins in the emerging context, her hands, could not help but have a gold surging. cheap nba jerseys " Once again hear her shout Se Pei Luo glass, Wen Qingxuan they also could not help but be skeptical eyes look to grazing dust. cheap nba jerseys china Dust, animal husbandry, health, at this time constantly trembling, sweat instantly filled out, but sweat just appeared, the skin will be that hot steam to evaporate ball group. Dust, animal husbandry, noncommittal smile, said:"So, that my hands up. " Xu shortage of their eyes could not help but widened a bit, before they entered by the massive ruins, but it actually has a small wooden shrine and Division under the legacy? Just a small segment already is so attractive, that the real wooden temple ruins, what should we have the amazing treasure? "Tall wooden temple ruins where?" Xu shortage could not help but ask.

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