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Animal husbandry and dust nodded, looking solemn, it seems this wooden temple ruins, he really is not an easy thing, not even as Wen Qingxuan so proud temper, are seem so cautious. If dust, animal husbandry, glass and Luo really difficult in crossing the flesh and spiritual power is difficult, then, does it mean that they have been going on for nearly twenty days time? This is, let alone think about them too Xu shortage shudder, because they also try to flesh painful transition difficult time, kind of like to the body of the ashes like feel, it is feared, and their flesh hard just continued five or six days a short time, which has made it nearly failed them. nba jerseys authentic In her view, Luo obviously look better than glass dust, animal husbandry, although previously the guy was a good performance, but still can not shake the status Luo glass in her heart. nba jerseys nike Extreme powerful spiritual power, like the roar of the sea and through the inner temple of the giant, then, two figure, as if passing meteorite sky, the next moment, directly in the giant hall that round after round of intense gaze, heavy crash together. "Since no one will bid, then this scroll, it must belong to this north Cang team spirit all the hospital. nba jerseys wholesale

" The strength exhibited by dust, animal husbandry, and did not let down too much to feel proud of Wen Qingxuan amazing, but he has shown in the fight among the courage and self-confidence, but it is to get her eyes shimmering. At this point Wenqing Xuan, still armed with the golden gun battle, golden armor, wrapped in exquisite Jiaoqu slender, black hair Rubao experienced earlier that powerful touch, she does not seem to have any hit, which Among of beautiful eyes, but is has a hot war gushed." Wenqing Xuan Chen Sheng Road. nba jerseys cheap china Wenqing Xuan beautiful eyes glanced at the side of a person, and then tap the first cicada, said:"ah, he is the king of the bell, the Holy Spirit hospital four holy child, with his most famous, but also among the four holy child most senior one person, some time ago, I worked with him once.

" Chen Qing sneered, their side full ten people, at least more than half of all flesh hard strength, coupled with his spiritual power that is difficult to strength, Los glass one, I want to beat them? Los glass faint looked at him, still did not speak, and that the beautiful eyes, but is slowly closed, and at the time of their eyes Weibi, she clasped the hand on Los Excalibur, but it is there bright red blood penetration down, those bloodshot flowing in Los Excalibur, between faint, as if forming a blood-red sword pattern. Xu shortage three eyes a bit gloomy, dust, animal husbandry, and now is in retreat among the Luo glass, interference can not, they say, they have to protect their smooth exit the job. Wang Wenqing Xuan looked at the clock and turned away others, then smiling to see the dust, animal husbandry, said:"It seems that you have one more head. "Wenqing Xuan looked away, he said. Luo Wen Qingxuan simply shot the lights glass and nodded, immediately Jiaoqu lead into a streamer, is rushed directly Lingbaoshan eighth floor, because now able to supply their choice, the only one of.

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